Solving Global Challenges - Alex Amouyel

How do you solve the most complex challenges that exist in our world — preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, ensuring access to quality education for refugees and displaced people and combating climate change, to name a few. For decades, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has taken on missions that seem beyond the bounds of possibility. In the 1960s, the MIT Instrumentation Lab developed the navigation system of the Apollo spacecraft — which safely landed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and returned them to Earth. 

Today, MIT is still taking these challenges head on. Through its initiative MIT Solve, people from all over the world pitch their solutions to massive global problems. On the podcast, we are sharing the journey of Alex Amouyel, ruthless problem solver and the Executive Director of MIT Solve. Since MIT Solve was established, Alex has been blazing a trail for people whose big ideas can change the world.  

In the episode, you’ll also hear from two MIT Solvers. Richard Rowe, Chairman and CEO of Open Learning Exchange, an organization that’s committed to use learning as a tool to break the cycle of global poverty and violence. Sona Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of medical device startup Neopenda, also joins us on the podcast. To help newborns survive, Neopenda created its first product, a small device (worn as a headband) that monitors the vital signs of critically ill newborns in low-resource areas.  

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Maverick Aquino