Away is Here - Amirah Jiwa

When we travel, perceptions of other people and their culture are no longer confined to what we seen on TV or read about online. As we explore the unfamiliar, the stories, the narratives and the experiences become uniquely, our own. On Sincerely, Hueman, we are committed to amplifying not only individuals, but also businesses and organizations that are a force for good. Today, we're excited to share our new podcast episode featuring Away, a global lifestyle brand whose intention, from day one, was to make a real difference in the world - from the products they make to the platforms they create.  

In this episode, you'll hear from Amirah Jiwa, social impact manager at Away. Through a nontraditional lens, Amirah finds the unique strengths of businesses (from its people to its resources) to create positive change in communities — here and abroad. Even before selling its first suitcase, Away has stood behind peacebuilders in conflict through its partnership with nonprofit organization, Peace Direct. Apart from collaborations and partnerships, team members at Away are also given volunteer time off so that they have more opportunities to give back and contribute to causes they care about. In the podcast, Zack Repko, Senior Designer at Away, talks about the trips that changed his life and how important it is for companies to engage its employees through social good initiatives.

If you're interested to learn more about Away's partnership with Peace Direct, visit If you purchase anything from Away, from a sticker to a suitcase, you've also contributed to Peace Direct's mission of "stopping wars, one person at a time." 

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