Farhoud Meybodi: Stories That Lift Humanity

In the 80s, Farhoud grew up as a young Persian kid in Los Angeles. He’s always loved films, but says the general representation of his culture impacted the way he told stories. It wasn’t until he left his lucrative job in the fashion industry when he finally dedicated himself to a mission: tell stories that entertain and uplift.

Today, Farhoud is the Executive Vice President of Creative at Wayfarer Entertainment, an award-winning digital media studio focused on social good storytelling content. Farhoud says his life changed when he met his business partner and Wayfarer Entertainment’s CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Baldoni.

Mostly recently, Farhoud directed and executive produced several episodes of Wayfarer’s flagship series, My Last Days. He also executive produced and wrote Man Enough, a groundbreaking dinner party conversation series, where men discuss what it means to be a man today. Through Wayfarer, Farhoud continues to harness the power of storytelling to create social change.

Learn more about Farhoud’s work at wearewayfarer.com


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