Feed Your Soul: Gary Cohen

What do you want to be most remembered for? When you’re not around, what would you like people to say? Is it how much money you make, awards you’ve received or anything that solely points to your personal accomplishments? What about, how you went out of your way to help a friend or a stranger or how you built a career that ultimately, made a positive impact in the world?

In this episode, we’re sharing the remarkable story of Gary Cohen. He is the board chair and founder of Together for Girls, a global public-private partnership dedicated to ending violence against children, with a particular focus on sexual violence against girls. Gary is also the Executive Vice President of Global Health at BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and President of the BD Foundation. For years, Gary has been an active leader and advocate for advancing health and human rights. What makes Gary’s story inspiring is how he weaved exemplary humanitarian work throughout his career.

In 2018, Gary launched the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation (RICSI) at the Rutgers Business School in Newark, New Jersey. RICSI educates current and new generations of business leaders to integrate social innovation into their business strategies.  “You can't control what happens in life. You can only control how you respond to it. You have to figure out what's going to be the right choice and always make the choice that elevates your human character.”

Learn more about the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation: www.business.rutgers.edu/ricsi

Learn more about Together for Girls: www.togetherforgirls.org

Maverick Aquino