Sing For Me - Jackie Vanderbeck

Jackie Vanderbeck is more than a gifted performer, she was born to use music as a tool to bring joy to people's lives, however momentary. Jackie left her hometown in Sacramento, California and moved to New York City, in the nexus of musical theater, to chase a dream. In the daily grind of auditioning and performing, Jackie felt disconnected from her craft. And in building her new life, she felt a void — the warmth from her grandparents who influenced her love for music. She searched hard for volunteer opportunities involving the elderly, but couldn't find one she could fully commit to. And so she started her own.

From singing acapella songs at a senior home on her own, Jackie is now growing Sing For Your Seniors, a nonprofit organization with 150 volunteer professional singers who connect and enrich the lives of the elderly at senior centers, hospitals and respite care facilities in New York City and beyond.

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