Everyday Philanthropist - Jenn Duong

What if you had a chance to impact someone's life with as little as one quarter a day? Jenn Duong and the phenomenal founders at Good Today believe you can, through their non-profit platform Good Today. While in college, Jenn pursued a career as an immersive director and producer, eventually finding virtual reality as her native medium. While working at VR studio RYOT (acquired by Verizon’s AOL), Jenn met one of the founding board members at Good Today, Molly Swenson.

Good Today's mission is to democratize philanthropy — by making the act of giving frictionless. As the platform’s Head of Content, Jenn has provided creative direction, strategy, and leadership to cultivate Good Today’s brand voice and image. Upon signing up, members receive an email every morning with the cause of the day and two charities to choose from. They can donate 25¢, 50¢, or $1 a day, with options to pay monthly or yearly. Through other means such as Slack-enabled donations for companies and their soon-to-launch texting service, Good Today aims to build a community of givers, with the power of life-changing impact made more accessible.

Learn more at goodtoday.org

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