Kind Campaign - Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson

In 2009, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson packed their bags in a minivan with their mothers. Though their journey had stops along the way, it wasn’t a typical road trip. Lauren and Molly were on a mission to make a documentary about the “mean girl” phenomenon and the negative effects of girl-against-girl bullying. In this episode, Lauren and Molly share their own truth (including the traumatic experience of being ostracized in school), and how they turned their nonprofit organization Kind Campaign into a global movement.

From capturing deep seeded emotions in their award-winning film “Finding Kind”, Lauren and Molly are now impacting the lives of thousands of girls all over the country. Through Kind Campaign assemblies, curriculums and an online community, girls are able to heal from the effects of bullying —and ultimately, step into the power of kindness. In the process, these young women also recognize their ability to create positive change within and outside their school hallways.

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