Taste of Home - Manal Kahi

When food is made with love and passion, it goes beyond nourishment. It becomes a story — an adventure. From a desire to serve underrepresented, authentic dishes, Manal Kahi co-founded Eat Offbeat, a food delivery service where homestyle meals are entirely conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees in New York City.

From wonderfully crafted menus, customers can try the exquisite flavors of food from countries including Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Senegal and Eritrea (cuisines that are not easily accessible, even in New York City's diverse food culture). Manal, alongside her inspiring and resilient team, are on a mission to create a more positive narrative wherein refugee chefs are the heroes who enrich our lives — and our palates. 

Check out: eatoffbeat.com

Maverick Aquino