Power of a Girl - Melissa Kilby

What does it mean to be a girl in today’s world? At Girl Up, a leadership development initiative of the United Nations Foundation — there are no bounds, no limits to defining what a girl is or who she could be. On this week’s podcast episode, we are sharing the journey of Melissa Kilby, a mother, persistent leader and the Co-Executive Director of Girl Up.

What started out as a fundraising campaign for partners at the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up eventually grew into a global movement. In the early years of the organization, Melissa quickly learned that girls didn’t want to stay on the sidelines. They wanted to lead and create change for girls all around the world. Since 2010, the organization has impacted the lives of more than 48,000 girls — whether it's by preventing child marriage or helping girls stay in school. Today, Girl Up continues to unleash the potential of young leaders to achieve equal rights for every girl, everywhere.

Learn more about Girl Up by following @girlupcampaign. You can also attend or follow the 2019 Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. from July 15-17.

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