Don't Look Away - Serinda Swan

While best known for her TV characters on Marvel’s Inhumans and Ballers on HBO, actress Serinda Swan, in real life, is turning the spotlight the other way. For years, she's raised awareness around global causes, activating the hearts and minds of people so they don't look the other way.

Since 2012, Serinda has challenged celebrities to stare death in the face through her skydive mission, 18 for 18, a project that funds rescue missions and rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims. Her more recent venture, Deedly, is a tech-based program that enables students to learn about today’s important issues, while empowering them to take action.

In this episode, Serinda talks about the trip that changed her life, and why she is relentlessly using her platform to amplify the voices of those who’ve suffered injustice and unspeakable violence.

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