Smart Girls - Meredith Walker

For a lot of young women, adolescence can be an interesting and challenging journey. It’s usually awkward, and there’s always that crippling desire to fit in. In 2008, funny best friend duo and all around wonderful humans Meredith Walker and Amy Poehler launched Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an organization aimed at helping young people discover and cultivate their authentic selves. 

On the podcast, Smart Girls Executive Director and accomplished television producer Meredith Walker will share with us how she found her purpose as the caretaker of stories for young people. Over the past decade, Smart Girls has been showcasing the curiosity, breathtaking talent and the untarnished passion of young women and girls who are changing the world.

In this episode, we’ll also hear from Maggie Chieffo, General Manager at Smart Girls. Maggie is a driving force at the organization who ensures that a diverse group of people are represented in the stories they share. 

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Maverick Aquino