No More Hunger - Jasmine Crowe

Jasmine Crowe is a modern warrior against food waste and hunger. She didn't stop at just doling out food items to the hungry, she wanted to serve people to make sure they were fed in the most dignified way possible. In 2017, Jasmine launched Goodr, a company that connects businesses with local charities to deliver leftover food.

Through an app, Goodr drivers pick up surplus food from client companies and establishments and drop them off at designated locations including churches, food banks, nonprofit organizations and community groups. Jasmine strongly believes that when it comes to hunger, we’re actually looking at the wrong problem. People aren’t hungry because of scarcity. People are hungry because food is wasted to an unfathomable degree.

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Film Forward - Kweighbaye Kotee

Kweighbaye Kotee felt like she was in Disney World when she first stepped into a movie theater. But as she grew older, she went from being mesmerized with the sights and sounds of a film, to getting behind the camera to create a piece of art that told a story. A story that matters, and oftentimes a story we’re robbed of because people behind it are deemed powerless due to the color of their skin, their ethnicity or perhaps their gender.

Seeing inequality all her life, Kweighbaye was motivated to open doors and curate rooms filled with emerging directors, actors, actresses, writers and producers from all backgrounds. This is the story of Kweighbaye Kotee, filmmaker, founder of the Bushwick Film Festival and an advocate for underrepresented voices in film.

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Sing For Me - Jackie Vanderbeck

Jackie Vanderbeck is more than a gifted performer, she was born to use music as a tool to bring joy to people's lives, however momentary. Jackie left her hometown in Sacramento, California and moved to New York City, in the nexus of musical theater, to chase a dream. In the daily grind of auditioning and performing, Jackie felt disconnected from her craft. And in building her new life, she felt a void — the warmth from her grandparents who influenced her love for music. She searched hard for volunteer opportunities involving the elderly, but couldn't find one she could fully commit to. And so she started her own.

From singing acapella songs at a senior home on her own, Jackie is now growing Sing For Your Seniors, a nonprofit organization with 150 volunteer professional singers who connect and enrich the lives of the elderly at senior centers, hospitals and respite care facilities in New York City and beyond.

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Let Me In - Hazami Barmada

From the outside, you'd think Hazami Barmada lived the American dream all her life. Hazami's armed with a Master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. She's a consultant for the UN Foundation and the CEO of her own social impact firm.

But if you trace Hazami's roots (Syrian-Palestinan, to be exact) you'll find something different. She experienced what it was like to study at a refugee school in the outskirts of Damascus. When Hazami's family moved to the United States, they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

During Hazami’s time at the UN, she lost sleep over how big governments, systems and bureaucracies left people out -- excluding voices that should be leading conversations around the world's most pressing problems. So she went back to the drawing board and created the Global People's Summit, the first fully virtual and inclusive summit where people are not left out of conversations because of the color of their passports, inability to travel or social status.Together with her selfless team, the 2nd Global People’s Summit will be held on September 22nd, a conference that —in the truest sense of the word— lets people in.

Register for free to attend the summit on September 22, 2018:

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Season Finale: Power of Small Things

Do you remember Emma Yang, the 14 year old tech genius building an app for Alzheimer's disease patients? How about Kenton Lee, founder of the Shoe That Grows? So much has happened since we featured them on the show. You'll be amazed to hear how much impact these extraordinary individuals have made and are bound to make in the coming months.

On the show, we're also sharing why everybody should look forward to Sincerely, Hueman Season 2!

Find Emma Yang:
Find Kenton Lee:

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Living Well - Soraya Darabi

Soraya Darabi is a general partner and founder of Trail Mix Ventures, a venture fund that invests in the future of living well. A startup visionary, Soraya has helped build brands that will enable people to live more purposeful lives. Companies in her portfolio include Casper, The Wing, Brit + Co, Hungryroot and Gimlet Media. For years, Soraya has taken her wealth of experience, intellect and most especially, her time to propel entrepreneurs who have a social purpose, and making sure that somehow, in some way, we’ll leave this world better than we found it.

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Power of Two - Linda Graham

Linda Graham is a superwoman who model and body activist Ashley Graham is fortunate enough to call her mom. Ashley owes much of her confidence, authenticity and love of self to Linda. On this episode, we share Linda’s journey of raising 3 beautiful daughters, why kindness matters and how living a positive life makes an impact on your kids.

PLUS on our postscript "The Kindness Memos", 18-year old Abbey Sager shares how she's fighting to end online bullying through her nonprofit organization Diverse Gaming Coalition.

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Skin Deep - Cassandra Bankson

Have you ever felt like your insecurities have made you a prisoner in your own life?

Cassandra Bankson has suffered from severe cystic since she was 14 years old. She's been ridiculed and bullied relentlessly for how she looked. But since posting her acne tutorial video in 2010, one that's been viewed 28 million times on YouTube, Cassandra has helped people rediscover their true beauty, regardless of what they see in the mirror.

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Timeless - Emma Yang

Emma Yang grew up with her grandma. She took care of Emma, read books to her, helped Emma with her homework and took her to places while Emma's parents were at work. Over the years, Emma felt like she was losing her grandma to Alzheimer's disease, an illness that plagues nearly 44 million people worldwide, and is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Emma wanted to get her back. At 13 years old, Emma is creating an app called Timeless, an app that uses facial recognition software to help Alzheimer's patients remember and stay connected with family and friends.

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Food for Thought - Alyssa Kapasi

In New York City, 5 teenage girls are working on an app that would help kids pay for school lunch they can't afford.

Alyssa Kapasi, a 17-year old highschool student, rallied her friends to create Food For Thought, an app that would allow parents (and even strangers) to anonymously pay for a 2 to 3 dollar meal for another child in their community. In America, nearly 13 million children live in food insecure households and 76% of school districts have school lunch debt. Kids are shamed with waterproof stamps that visibly read "I need lunch money", forced to clean tables or are sent to detention for not being able to afford a school meal.

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The Shoe That Grows - Kenton Lee

Have you ever tried walking for miles in debris-filled soil with shoes that don't fit, or worse, no shoes at all?

In 2007, Kenton left the US for a trip to Kenya after a long-term girlfriend broke his heart. Soon after arriving, Kenton noticed a little girl in a white dress outside a small orphanage. He looked down and was shocked to see that her shoes were cut open in the front, and her toes were sticking out. Years later, a stubborn dream of creating shoes that would grow alongside children's feet turned into reality.

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Of Self-Love and Dancing - Kate Speer

How do you become a light for others when you struggle with your own darkness?

Kate Speer was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, and went through 21 psychiatric hospitalizations and countless medication trials. But after decades of shame, anxiety, hiding and self-hatred, Kate finally took back her life. Her weapon? A serious love of self— in all its silliness, vulnerability and dorkiness. Her move? Jiggling and dancing for joy, without a care in the world.

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Crying Babies are Welcome - Sarah Lux-Lee

How do I make a positive impact in the world with a crying baby on my hip?

In 2016, Sarah Lux-Lee, a public policy nerd and new mom, innovated for her own need. She founded what's been called the ‘TED talks of the parenting world’ so that parents like herself can continue to engage in things that matter to them, without having to pay for the astronomical costs of childcare. 

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