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Social Good Summit (Part 2) - Rajesh Mirchandani

In Part 2 of our Social Good Summit special, we're sharing the journey of Rajesh Mirchandani, Chief Communications Officer for the United Nations Foundation, a partner of the Social Good Summit. Rajesh was born in India, but his family moved to the UK when he was just three years old. Rajesh eventually worked as a journalist for the BBC, where he covered a variety of stories and issues. These include the Haiti Earthquake and typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded in history. After 20 years of global journalism experience, Rajesh left journalism to become an advocate. He now leads a team of skilled communicators working to advance progress on important global issues.

In this episode, we'll hear from Rajesh on why the Social Good Summit chose the climate crisis as its sole theme for this year's event, and how climate change affects other issues we’re facing in the world right now. He says that we hold the power as consumers to make a difference.

On Sunday (September 22nd), global leaders, celebrities and activists will gather at the Summit to leave you and I inspired to take action, and help save our planet for generations to come.

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This show is produced by Hueman Group Media.



Featured Episodes


Emma Yang - Timeless
Creator of the Timeless App

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”Technology is empowering me to help patients that I may not know personally, but it lets my vision and my work have a greater impact – which is what really motivates me to work on Timeless and improve on it – because I want to be able to help people all around the world who have Alzheimer’s and face the similar challenges that I do.”

Why we love this episode:

Emma Yang is a tech genius and force for good. When we interviewed Emma, she was just a freshman in highschool. Her age never stopped her from being one of the youngest people in the world to combat a global problem. At 14 years old, she launched Timeless, a mobile app that helps Alzheimer’s patients stay engaged and connected to loved ones. Emma’s journey will move you to keep chasing after your goal — a project or cause you care deeply for — no matter how seemingly impossible it is to achieve.


Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson - Kind Campaign
Founders of Kind Campaign

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”We drove all over the country and went into schools and just shared this idea and this message that you know kindness is better it feels better and how important healthy female friendships are.”

Why we love this episode:

During their early 20s, Lauren and Molly took on a mission to uncover the truth about girl-against-girl bullying. A decade later, their nonprofit Kind Campaign continues to make a profound impact on girls all over the country. This episode shares great tips on how we can inspire young people to be kinder to each other, and how they can create change within and outside their school hallways.

Karamo Brown - The Educated Rebel
Television Host and Author

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 I think too many times we think that, to be better people, we have to help a million amount of people. If we can make it for people to understand that they just need to love and to care for themselves, and be kind to themselves and be compassionate and be better, then the world would get better just through that.”

Why we love this episode:

Karamo shares how his name, which means ‘educated rebel’ has helped shape who he is today — and how fatherhood taught him how to be a better human being. In this episode, we learn that in order to be an empathetic listener and compassionate human being, self-respect is crucial. Karamo’s emotional and colorful journey is a reminder of what truly connects us as humans, and why we shouldn’t look at each other based on the color of our skin, who we love or whatever it is that divides.


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